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1. Jim is not __________(do) well in PE.
2. Wang Bing ____________(run) as fast as Gao Shan.
3. I ___________ (jump) higher than some of the girls in my class.
4. Do more exercise. You _________(get) stronger.
5. It ‘s two o ‘clock in the afternoon. We _________ (have) an English class.
6. I like __________(sing), she _________(like)_________(dance).
7. I ‘d like a VCD of __________(Japan) cartoons.
8. He __________(do not)want bread for breakfast.
9. I __________(have) a friend. Her name __________(be)Susan. She __________(like) singing and dancing.
10. We __________(have) a Science Festival last month.
11. I __________(get) up at six this morning. Then I __________(have) breakfast at six thirty. I __________(go) to school at about seven fifteen.
12. She often __________(go) shopping with her mother.
13. Do more exercise, you __________(get) stronger.
14. Mr Smith __________(come) from Australia. He __________(live) in China now.
15. They __________(have) a football match in the school next Sunday.
16. __________(do) you watch TV last night?
17. In spring, the trees __________(turn) green and the flowers start to __________(grow).
18. I often go __________(walk) in the countryside.
19. What ‘s the weather like in winter? It ‘s __________(snow).
20. Which season do you like __________(well)? I __________(like) autumn __________(well).
21. “__________(stop) thief!” A young woman shouted.
22. I like to __________(pick) apples in the countryside.
23. We can __________(make) snowmen in winter.
24. We __________(see) a film this evening.
25. __________ you __________(watch) cartoons yesterday?
26. The Music Club ___________(give) a concert in the school this weekend.
27. Shall we __________(meet) at seven thirty at the school gate?
28. Helen __________(play) the violin at the concert next Sunday.
29. I want to __________(buy) some interesting books at the bookshop.
30. You can __________(turn) left at the second crossing.
31. I can __________(jog) to school in the morning.
32. Liu Tao and Wang Bing __________(run) faster than some of the boys in my class.
33. Li Ming __________(read) a story in the newspaper yesterday afternoon.
34. Can I __________(have) some apples, please?
35. I want to __________(write) a letter to my friend.
36. Jim __________(live) in London.
37. I ‘ll __________(give) my e-mail address to Mike.
38. Helen __________(like) to __________(draw) pictures in the park.
39. Mum and I __________(see) a Beijing opera show this afternoon.
40. Shall we __________(meet) at three thirty in front of the cinema?
41. __________(do) you visit your grandma last week? No, I __________(do).
42. What ‘s __________(she) favourite subject?
43. He __________(see) a Beijing opera show tomorrow.
44. David __________(go) to school at 7:00 every morning.
45. I like __________(watch) TV at home in the evening.
46. Can you pick __________(they) for me, please?
47. The policemen ‘s __________(wife) sit under the tree.
48. We ‘re all __________(China).
49. Mr Wu is a teacher. __________(he) student Helen is with him.
50. Grandma Zhang is about __________(six).
51. Are there __________(some) water in the bottle?
52. Whose key is this? It ‘s not __________(me).
53. These are new nice __________(watch).
54. I __________(be) a boy. You and I _________(be) twelve.
1. Jim have a dictionary. Do you have one?________
2. Kate has an apple. What does you have?________
3. -What are they doing? -They is eating.________
4. -Do Sam doing his homework? -No, he isn't._______
5. The football is under the teachers' desk.________
6. Who can find he? _______
7. Can you fly a kite or to skate?_______
8. There are many sheeps on the farm.________
9. I have many money in my pocket(口袋). _______
10. My schoolbag is new. How about your?_______
11. --Where is Tom? --He is in a books store.________
12. There are 3 peoples in my family._______
13. There are much people in the street._______
14. Don't laugh at I.________
15. My mother wears new trouser today._______
16. He can play the volleyball. _______
17. They don't go to school in sunday. ______
18. He would like go to the supermarket.________
19. How much is the trousers? Fifty yuan.________
20. Shall we listening to music now? Good idea!_______
21. Are there some pictures on the wall?_________
22. How many computers can you look at in the picture?_______
23. There are three windows and a door on the wall._______
24. I ‘d like you to go to the playground with I.________
25. Let me telling you a story._______
26. We ‘re the same ages._______
27. Look, the book is there. Pick up it.________
28 My birthday is on the 18 of April.________
29. Does Ben and his brother like cartoons?______
30. I ‘d like to some balloons for my party. _______
31. Is it yours? No, it isn ‘t mine book. It ‘s his.
32. She isn ‘t as shorter as her sister. ________
33. My father is tall than my mother. ________
34. Who is taller, your or your father? ________
35. Who ‘s ruler is longer, his or hers? ________
36. Is She come from America? _________
37. How can I get the Bank of China? ________
38. Go along this street and the park is at your left._______
39. You can take bus No.3 and get off at the three stop._______
40. The thief stole my purse and run out of the shop._______
41. There is interesting something in this book._______
42. Is he jump farther than his friend, Tom?______
43. I think Tom ‘s hair is shorter than Jack.______
44. Play basketball is Harry ‘s favorite sport._______
45. Getting there faster, you can take a taxi. ______
46. The girl is15 minute younger than her sister._______
47. Do you have some storybooks?_______
48. Ben run faster than me.________
49. I eyes are bigger than his . ________
50. Would you please to close the door?_________
51. Is this your pencil case? Yes. I think it ‘s Lucy ‘s. _________
52. Your pen is nice. Can I have a look at ? _________
53. What ‘s four and seven? They ‘re eleven. _________
54. What time do you have the breakfast?__________
55. Please try the dress in. _________
56. There is some people in the room. __________
57. TheYang Ling is sitting under a big tree._________
58. What ‘s the time do you have lunch? At 12 o ‘clock.________
59. It ‘s time for have some rest._________
60. Her gloves is too big and too old. ________
61. Su Hai usually play the piano in the evening. _________
62. These are beautifully flowers. ________
63. We can say a lot of English. ________
64. Show us they stamps, please. ________
65. Does Jim write careful?________
66. What lessons do you have in Tuesday?_________
67. The hot coffee near the clock is of the doctor._________
68. We had a English lesson in the afternoon._________
69. Sam goes to school by foot._________
1. Gao shan is thiner than his brother.
2. Are your hair as long as hers?
3. Yang Ling's uncle is stronger and tall than her father.
4. There are a little dog and two cats under the tree.
5. My mum say Jimmy is also her child.
6. I am three months older than he.
7. Go along the street, and turn left at second crossing.
8. You can take bus No.2 and got off at the third stop.
9. I want to buy a interesting book about football.
10. Where's Nanjing and Suzhou? In Jiangsu.
11. He is asking YangLing how to get to there.
12. It's about two kilometer away.
13. Sorry. How can I get to the History Museum?
14. We are same age.
15. He is on holiday in china.
16. They play the football every day.
17. How many building are there in the street?
18. I told him to took bus No.3 in front of the cinema.
19. Su Yang's and Su Hai's cousin is thinner than them.
20. Last week, there is a Sports Festival at our school.
21. Christmas is on 25th of December.
22. She reads as better as us.
23. Shall we started our lesson now?
24. It's about a kilometer way.
25. The weather in winter is as colder as in spring.
26. It often rain in spring there.
27. I very much like autumn.
28. How many green watch can you see on the shell?
29. Which season are you like best?
30. It is half past then in Sunday morning.
31. The boys and girls are talk about the football match.
32. Are you still in the bed?
33. Nancy is going to play piano at the concert.
34. I see a Beijing opera show last year.
35. What are you go to do tomorrow?
36. There are some orange juice in the glass.
37. Tom is going to play basketball and his friends.
38. The weather in New York is cold than in Nanjing.
39. You need buy a new school bag.
40. Peter likes make model planes at home.
41. There are a hill, a lake and many trees near our house.
42. I would like to know many about you.
43. David and Mike likes watching football games.
44. Mike's parents are all doctors.
45. What are you going to do in Sunday morning?
46. Do you have breakfast at six? Yes, I have.
47. I'm going to play the game and some friends.
48. I read English for a hour every morning.
49. There are two windows on the wall.
50. The woman in black is old than Mrs. Black.
51. We want to met Miss Gao on Sunday.
52. How many maps are there in the study? There's two.
53. Is Tom ride a bike? Yes, he is.
54. My brother is good in Chinese.
55. He like playing football very much.
56. Do you have any problems of your homework?
57. How about go for a walk with us?
58. Your mother looks young than her mother.
59. Jim is not as stronger as the other boys.
60. Is Yang Ling's kite higher than Liu Tao?
61. Helen is doing well in PE than Nancy.
62. I want to buy some presents to my friends.
63. One of us are in the room.
64. This is their plans for the weekend.
65. I like read books about music.
66. He often do homework at home.
67. The girl in the yellow bowl is watching the snow.
68. Gao Shan is siting by the window.
69. I have some writing paper an a envelope.
70. My favourite subject are Maths and Science.
71. Do he have any cousins?
72. Who goes to school earlier, you and David?
73. My mother look younger than my aunt.
74. David swims fast than Jim.
75. Please turn right at the five crossing.
76. I would like to do your penfriend.
77. I usually go rowing and fish.
1. Jim have a dictionary. Do you have one?
2. They has a map, and he has a picture.
3. Kate has an apple. What does you have?
4. We has some fish. What do you have?
5. --What do Sam have? --He has a tin of chicken.
6. --What are they doing? --They is eating.
7. --Is Tom clean the windows? --Yes, he is.
8. --Do Sam doing his homework? --No, he isn't.
9. --Are the girls watching TV? --Yes, he are.
10. --Is Kate flying a kite? --Yes, she isn't.
11. Her friend drawing a horse in that house now.
12. My mother is do the housework.
13. All the students is playing games under the tree.
14. Lily are cleaning the blackboard.
15. Tom can play violin.
16. Jim can't skiing.
17. The football is under the teachers' desk.
18. Who can find he?
19. Can you fly a kite or to skate?
20. There are many sheeps on the farm.
21. I have many money in my pocket(口袋).
22. He like his Chinese teacher very much. Do you like yours?
23. My schoolbag is new. How about your?
24. --Where is Tom? --He is in a books store.
25. There are 3 peoples in my family.
26. Is there any fish in the lake?
27. There are much people in the street.
28. Don't laugh at I.
29. My mother wears new trouser today.
30. He can play the volleyball.
31. Can you put the toy car in your head?
32. He can have a ice-cream.
33. Can he ride a bike? Yes, he can't.
34. Do you like sking? No, I don't.
35. How many vase are there in the shop?
36. What do you like? I like pumpkins masks.
37. They don't go to school in sunday.
38. He would like go to the supermarket.
39. Are you need a tape? Yes, I do.
40. How much is the trousers? Fifty yuan.
41. Do you like swimming? No, I do.
42. Shall we listening to music now? Good idea!
43. Are there some pictures on the wall?
44. Kate and Jim has two boxes of chocolates.
45. What does you have?
46. Do Tom have some rice?
47. How much oranges can you see in the basket?
48. How many circle are there?
49. The card is a oval.
50. Not forget to write to your father.
51. What shape are the bag?
52. How many computers can you look at in the picture?
53. There are three windows and a door on the wall.
54. Her friend drawing a horse in that house now.
55. Do they wactching TV now?
56. I have many money.

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