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人教新目标版八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots 单元测试

  • 名称:人教新目标版八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots 单元测试
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《人教新目标版八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots 单元测试》简介


(?? )1.?No one will remember the name of the man in ten years.
A. after ten years?B. ten years from now??C. before ten years
(?? )2.?During the week, I’ll wear a suit. On weekends, I’ll dress more casually.
A. dress casual clothes?B. wear casual clothes??C. put on casually
(?? )3.?--Will there be less paper?
??--______. Books will onl y be on computers.
A. No, there won’ t??B. Yes, there will???C. Yes, they will
(?? )4.?I think Chengdu will be better and there will be ______ people and ______ pollution.
??A. more; fewer???B. less; less????C. fewer; less
(?? )5.?Today, people ______ live without food and water .
??A. can?????B. are able to????C. aren’t able to
(?? )6.?Jiuyanqiao will be one of ______ in Chengdu.
??A. the biggest shopping center
??B. bigger shopping center
??C. the biggest shopping centers
(?? )7.?Now, I live ______ an apartment. I’ll live ______ a space station in the future.
?A. in; on?????B. at; in?????C. on; at
(?? )8.?--______ will win the most gold medals in the Olympic Games in 2008?
??-- China.
?A. Where?????B. Which country???C. What city
(?? )9.?Old Henry has no family and no friends. He lives ______.
??A. lonely?????B. happily????C. alone
(?? )10.?Too much homework makes me ______ late and ______ early.?A. get up; sleep??B. sleep; get up??C. to sleep; to get up

1.?Spring is coming. The weather is warm. You can’t go s__________ on the river again.
2.?Sichuan food is delicious. I f__________ in love with it when? I first came here.
3.?My father is a great worker. Many car f__________? in China want him to work for them.
4.?Tim likes reading and writing some fictions now. He’ll p__________ be a writer.

1.?People will use the subways less.(一般疑问句,并做否定回答)
?________ ________ use the subways less?? No, ________ ________.
2.?There will be more and more tall buildings. (否定句)
?There ________ ________ more and more tall buildings.
3.?I think Peter will be a great professional basketball player.(划线部分提问)
?What do you think ________ ________ ________?
4.?What will the weather be like tomorrow?(回答问题)
?______ ________________________________________________________.
5.?more, there, free, will, time, be(连词成句)

?__________ all of the students have __________ __________ small _________?
?It’s __________ for __________ __________ live to _____ _____200 years old.
3.?Jenny 认识几百种动物,她甚至在家里养了一条宠物蛇。
Jenny knows __________ __________ animals. She __________ __________ a __________ snake in her home.
For students in __________, they should learn _______ ___ __________ themselves for their job __________.
__________ the plastic bags __________ will __________ our city __________ and more beautiful.

?Radio and television are very popular in the world today. ___1___ people watch TV. May be more people listen to the radio. The TV is, of course, ___2___ the radio. On TV you can see and hear what is happening in the world. But you can only hear on radio. Will all people watch TV instead of(代替) ___3___ the? radio? Will radio disappear(消失) in the future?
?___4___, radio is not disappearing. It is still with us. And the number of listeners will become ___5___. One reason? for this is the invention of the transistor(晶体管). A transistor ___6___ can be very small. It’s very ___7___ to carry. You can listen to it on? the ___8___ or on your bike? when you go to work. Many old people don’t have good ___9___. They can’t watch TV, but they can listen to music or news over the radio. What’s more, a radio is much ___10___ than a TV set.
(?? )1.?A. A few?????B. No?????C. Many
(?? )2.?A. less useful?than???B. as useful as????C. more useful than
(?? )3.?A. listening to????B. listen to????C. listening
(?? )4.?A. So?????B. Although????C. However
(?? )5.?A. smaller????B. larger?????C. more
(?? )6.?A.? radio?????B. TV set?????C. /
(?? )7.?A. difficult????B. easy?????C. simple
(?? )8.?A. bed?????B. table?????C. bus
(?? )9.?A.? eyesight????B. hearing????C. health
(?? )10.?A. smaller????B. more expensive???C. cheaper

A. 阅读并选出正确的选项。
?People began to make robots about a few hundred years ago. In the past, some of the early ones looked like animals or humans. However, they couldn’t talk and were pretty dumb. They worked like clocks and did the same things over and over. Now modern robots don’t always look like people. Some are like big machines; others are nothing but long arms attached to boxy(箱子般四方) bodies. However, modern robots are smart. Some can solve(解决) problems on their own. Their brain s are computers and their eyes are sensors(传感器). Motors(发动机) help them move. In the future, robots will learn from their mistakes more than they do now. They will be smarter. It’s possible that we will have robot shop assistant, robot house-hold workers, and robot factory workers. Robots will help people to do more things.
(?? )1.?How long is the history of robots?
??A. Thousands of years???B. Hundreds of years??C. A few years
(?? )2.?What’s the possible meaning of “dumb”?
??A. Unintelligent (不聪明的)??B. Talking like people??C. Clever
?(?? )3.?Which of the following is false(错误的) about modern robots?
??A. Some robots can solve problems on their own.
??B. Some robots can move
??C. Some robots always look like humans.
(?? )4.?What can’t robots do in the future according to the passage??A. Sell food ????B. Do housework???C. Help doctors

B. 阅读下面对100年后人们生活的一些预测,判断正误。正确写A,错误写B。
Health: Doctors will be able to predict and prevent(预防)illnesses. Doctors won’t need to cut into people’s bodies to treat illnesses. They will use special machines that send electricity into the body, and people will become healthy. There won’t be any more dangerous diseases, such as cancer (癌症).
Housing: People will live in inexpensive houses made from a strong kind of paper. They will be able to move the walls of the houses and make the rooms larger or smaller. Everyone will have robots at home. These robots will clean the house, cook the food, and take care of the garden.
Society: People will live and work together in large groups. They will love each other more than now. There won’t be a lot of countries, just five or six very large countries. For example, Europe will be one country, North and South America will be one country, and East Asia will be one country. There won’t be any large wars(战争), but there will be small wars.
(?? )1.?People won’t need to take operations(手术) in the future.
(?? )2.?Doctors can cure(治愈) any kinds of illnesses, such as cancer.
(?? )3.?People can change the size of their houses by themselves.
(?? )4.?There won’t be a peaceful(和平的) world because there will be some large countries.
(?? )5.?In the writer’s opinion, the life in the future will be easier and nicer.

know,? do,? ask,? forget,? wake,? invent.? Have,? go,? listen,? work

?Mr. Mott__1____ in a university, but he ___2___ a bad memory. He often ___3___ important meetings.
??? Luckily, his wife, Susan, is a scientist. She___4___ a memory robot for him last month. The? robot will follow Mr. Mort all the time. It’ll__5____ to everything he said and see everything he___6___. It will also___7___ to his classes and watch him talk to his student. It___8___ everything about Mr.Mott. Susan also likes__9____ the robot to__10____ her up in the morning. It’s really a nice robot!
1._________??? 2._________??? 3._________??? 4._________??? 5._________
6._________??? 7._________??? 8._________??? 9._________??? 10.________
?假如你叫Jack, 你梦想你家在2010年将会有一个叫Superman的机器人,他会做很多事, 还会和你玩。写出你的梦想。

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