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1. by working with friends 通过和朋友一起学习
2. make flashcards 制作抽认卡
3. ask …for 请求…,向…要
4. make vocabulary lists 制作词汇表
5. work /study with a group 和小组成员一起学习
6. learn a lot that way 以那种方式学到很多
7. improve one's speaking skill 提高某人的口语技能
8. practice conversations with friends 和朋友一起练习会话
9. join an English club 加入英语俱乐部
10. the best way to do sth 做某事最好的办法
11. specific suggestions 具体的建议
12. not at all 一点也不,根本不,全然不
13. get excited about…对….变得兴奋起来
14. make mistakes 犯错误
15. make up (conversation) 编造,组成,(会话)
16. later on 以后,随后
17. It doesn't matter没关系
18. get the pronunciation right 得到正确的发音
19. find a pen pal 找到一个笔友
20. get much writing practice 得到很多写作练习
21. have a partner to practice English with 找一个伙伴练习英语
22. laugh at sb 嘲笑某人
23. take notes 做笔记,做记录
24. be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事
25. be afraid of sth 害怕某事
26. begin with 以。。。开始
27. end up doing sth =finish doing终止做某事
28. end up with sth 以。。。结束
29. too…to do sth 太。。。而不能做某事
30. enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事
31. around the world 全世界
32. deal with 处理,对付
33. be angry with 对…很生气
34. Time goes by 光阴似箭
35. good friendship 良好的友谊
36. regard…as…? /have…as… /look on…as …/treat…as…把…当作…
37. change…into… 把…变成
38. with the help of sb /with one's help 在某人的帮助下
39. think of 想起,认为
40. break off a friendship 破坏友谊
41. try one's best尽力做…

1. used to do sth 过去常常做某事
2. be /get used to doing sth 习惯于做某事
3. be interested in sth 对…感兴趣
4. be on the swim team 是游泳队的成员
5. be afraid of sth害怕…
6. be afraid of doing sth害怕做某事
7. be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事
8. flying in an airplane 坐飞机飞行
9. being alone 独自一人
10. high places 高地方
11. speaking in front of a group 在小组前发言
12. go to sleep with the light on 灯开着睡觉
13. take gym class 上体育课
14. paint pictures 画画
15. all the time 一直,总是
16. hardly ever 几乎从不
17. chat with 和…聊天
18. as well as不仅…而且…
19. It seems that 似乎,好象…
20. sound like 听起来像…
21. be made up of 由…组成
22. be terrified of害怕做某事
23. instead of 代替。。。而不是
24. can't stop doing sth 不能停止做某事
25. consist of 由…组成
26. take pride in 为…感到自豪
27. make a decision =decide to do sth 决定做某事
28. It takes sb some time to do sth 某人花费时间做某事
29. make faces 做鬼脸
30. give up sth/doing sth放弃某事/做某事
31. to one's surprise 使某人惊讶的是
32. even though 即使
33. not… any more 不再…
34. pay attention to 留心,注意
35. get into trouble 遇到麻烦
36. in the end 最后,终于
1. have a part-time job 有一份兼职工作
2. allow sb to do sth =permit sb to do sth允许某人做某事
3. allow doing sth =permit doing sth允许做某事
4. cut one's hair 剪某人的头发
5. have one's hair cut 让(别人)给某人剪头发
6. choose one's own clothes 选择某人的衣服
7. sixteen-year-olds =sixteen-year-old children 十六岁的孩子
8. instead of sb/doing sth 代替某人/做某事,而不是某人/做某事
9. get one's ears pierced 给某人穿耳孔
10. get driver's license 得到驾照
11. be strict with sb 对某人严格要求
12. be strict in sth 对某事严格要求
13. go out with sb 和某人出去
14. stay up 熬夜,不睡觉
15. on school nights 在校期间的晚上
16. get to class late =be late for class 上课迟到
17. take the test =have a test 进行测试
18. pass the test 通过考试
19. fail a math test 数学考试不及格
20. the other day 几天前,不久前的一天
21. concentrate more on…集中精力在。。。,全神贯注在。。。
22. have a chance of doing sth 有机会做某事
23. a professional athlete 一个专业运动员
24. the importance of working hard 努力学习的重要性
25. have an opportunity to do sth有机会做某事
26. learn a lot from each other 向彼此/对方学到很多
27. be good for… 对。。。有好处
28. at least eight hours' sleep 至少八小时的睡眠
29. the latest 最新的,最近的
30. be proud of 对。。。感到骄傲
31. agree with 同意
32. have…off? 休假,不工作
33. reply to 回答,给。。。回信
34. get in the way 妨碍,阻碍
35. running star 赛跑明星
36. achieve one's dreams 成就某人的梦想
37. need to be realistic 需要现实点
38. be serious about 对。。。认真的
39. practice doing sth 练习做某事
40. spend time? /money on sth在某事上花费时间/钱
41. spend time? /money? (in) doing sth 在做某事上花费时间/钱
1.give it to charities 把它捐给慈善机构
2.put it in the bank 把它存在银行
3.win the lottery? 中了抽奖
4.win… in the lottery 在抽奖中赢
5.medical research 医疗研究
6.worry about 为…而担心
7.get nervous 变得紧张
8.get pimples 长青春痘
9.take a big exam 参加大考
10.help with this problem 帮助解决这个问题
11.take a long walk 走很长一段路
12.the night before an exam 考试前一天晚上
13.speak in public 在公共场合发言
14.hardly ever 几乎从不
15.give a speech 发言,作演讲
16.ask sb's permission 征求某人允许
17.without permission 没有得到许可
18.ask sb to be in a movie 请某人演电影
19.introduce oneself to sb 把自己介绍给某人
20.invite sb to have dinner at one's house 邀请…去…家吃晚饭
21.social situations 社会状况
22.not…in the slightest 一点不,根本不
23.a good company of other people 其他人的好伙伴
24.be confident of sth 确信,对…有信心
25.plenty of 大量
26.get along well with…与…相处很融洽
27.would rather do sth than do sth
=had rather do sth than do sth宁愿…也(不愿),与其…不如…
28.rather than =instead of宁可,是…而不是…
29.prefer doing sth to doing sth 喜欢做某事而不喜欢做另一事
30.prefer to do sth rather than do sth宁愿干….而不愿干
31.come up with 提出,想出(主意,回答)
32.represent the class 代表全班
33.a small circle of 一个小圈子
34.say sth bad about 说…的坏话
35.make speeches 发言,演讲
36.feel nervous doing sth 对某事感到紧张
37.be more friendly to people 对某人更友好
38.English speech contest 英语演讲比赛
39.come top in exam 在考试中名列前茅
40.let sb down 让某人失望
41.good solutions to the problems 解决问题的好办法
1.belong to? 属于
2.a toy car 一个玩具车
3.one's favorite author 某人最喜欢的作家
4. the only kid 唯一的小孩
5.listen to classical music 听古典音乐
6.late at night 深夜
7.be at school 在学校
8.play the guitar 谈吉他
9. much too small for sb 对…来说太小
10.try to do sth. 努力做…,试图
11.have a math test 考数学
12.study for a test 准备考试
13.make up 30% of the final exam 占期末考试的30%
14.because of 因为
15.a present for sb 给某人的礼物
16.run for exercise 跑步锻炼
17.be late for 迟到
18.all alone 全靠自己
19.make a movie 拍电影
20.catch a bus 赶公共汽车
21.these days 近来
22. in our neighborhood 在临近地区
23. a local school teacher 一名当地老师
24.in the sky 在天空
25.be worried about 担心
26.have fun 有乐趣,娱乐
27.call the police 报警,给警方打电话
28.next door neighbor 隔壁邻居
29.use up 用光
30.in front of 在…前面
31.escape from 从…逃跑
32.in an ocean of paper 在题海中
33.be afraid of 害怕…
34.too much homework 太多作业
35.be careful of 当心,小心
36.feel anxious 觉得着急
37.get on the plane 上飞机
38.pretend to do sth 假装做
Unit 6
1. sing along with 伴随...歌唱
2. quiet and gentle songs轻柔的歌曲
3. different kinds of music 不同种类的音乐
4. write one's own music?? 写某人自己的音乐???????????
5.dance to the music 随音乐起舞????????????
4. on a hot day?? 在热天
5. all kinds of 各种各样的??????????????????
6. feel? sick? 感到恶心
7. prefer... to... 比...更喜欢...????????????????
8. be honest 诚实
9. most of my friends 我的大多数朋友
10. take... to...? 带...去...
11.Brazilian dance music 巴西舞蹈音乐
12.some of students (其中)一些学生
13. remind sb of sth? 提醒某人某事?????????????
14.the name of ... ...的名字
15. one CD called Heart Strings 一盘叫?? Heart Strings的CD????????????????????????
16.think of 考虑到
17. be important to sb 对...重要????????????????????
18.over the years 多年来
19.can't stand 不能忍受
20.the Yellow River黄河
21.look for entertainment 寻找乐趣
22. stay at home 呆在家
23. be sure to do sth 肯定做某事???????????
24.in the world 在世界上
25.the best- known…最知名的…
26.the best loved photos 最受喜欢的照片
27.be on display? 在展出,在展览??????????????????
28.come and go 来来往往
29.a world- class photographers 世界级的摄影师
30.see sb do sth? 看见某人做了某事?????????
31.be lucky to do sth 很幸运...
32.lots of energy 许多精力
33.look for a quiet place to go on vacation? 找一个安静的地方度假??????
34. special events? 特殊事件
35. have a great time 过得很愉快
36.a six-month English course
37.some other students 一些其他的学生
38.Chinese music concert 中国音乐会
39.suit sb. fine很适合某人
40.go for Italian food 去吃意大利饭
41.take sb. over to 从一地送某人到另一地
42.an Indian film festival 印度电影节
44.stay away from 与…保持距离
45.be in agreement 意见一致
46.cooked in oil 油炸的
47.burnt barbecued meat 户外烤肉
48.increase the risk of cancer 增加癌症的危险性
Unit 7
1. would like to do sth 想要做某事
2. go on vacation 去度假
3. trek through the jungle 徒步穿越丛林
4. one of the livelist cities 最有活力的城市之一
5. go trekking 去旅行
6. hope to do sth 希望做某事
7. somewhere relaxing/warm 放松的/暖和的地方
8. some day 某天
9. would love to do sth 喜欢做某事
10. plan on doing sth =plan to do sth 计划做某事
11. plan for your vacation 为你的假期做计划
12. get around 观光
13. take it easy 从容,轻松,不紧张
14. decide to do sth 决定做某事
15. all year round 一年,全年
16. be supposed to do sth 应该,期望
17. what else 其它的,另外的
18. spend …on sth,???? spend…(in) doing sth 在…花费…,在做某事上花费…
19. need to do sth 需要做某事
20. let sb do sth 让某人做某事
21. be away 离开
22. work on 从事
23. over and over again 一次次的
24. provide sth for sb = provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物
25. in general 大体上,一般
26. according to 根据
27. less realistic dreams 不现实的梦想
28. achieve one's dream 成就某人的梦想
29. hold on to 保持,不要放弃
30. work as translators? or tour guides 作为翻译或导游而工作
31. be willing to do sth 愿意做某事
32. sail across the Pacific 横渡太平洋
33. this time of year 一年的这个时候


Unit 8

1.work outside? 在户外工作或去外面工作
2.clean up????? 清理,打扫
3.help (to) do sth. 帮助做某事
4.help sb.(to)do sth.=help sb.with sth.? 帮助某人做某事
5with one's help 在某人的帮助下
6.give out=hand out? 分发,发放
7.give away?? = donate…? 把…捐赠
8.give in?? 投降,屈服
9.give up?? 放弃
10.? at the food bank在食物救济站
11.cheer sb. up? 使…高兴起来,使…振作起来
12.sick children=sick kids? 生病的孩子
13.in an after-school study program? 在课后学习活动中
14.Clean-Up Day?? 清洁日
15.think up=come up with=think of? 想出
16.put off?? 推迟,推延
17. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.=two weeks away
=in two weeks 清洁日离现在只有两周的时间。
18.write down?? 写来 记下
19.put up??????? 张贴,举起 挂起
20.call sb up .=call sb.=phone sb.=telephone sb.=ring sb. up
= give sb. a ring/call.=make sb. a telephone call. 给…打电话
21.set up=establish=start??? 成立,建立
22. set out= set off???????? 出发,动身
22. leave for 前往……
23.volunteer to do sth.?? 自愿做某事
24.volunteer sth. to do sth.?? 自愿用…做某事
25.It takes sb. some time to do sth.= sth. takes sb. some time.
=sb. spend time doing sth./ on sth.某人花…时间做某事
26. a major commitment 主要的奉献
27.put sth. to good use??? 使…充分发挥作用,好好利用…
28.put sth. to bad use????? 没有充分利用…,滥用…
29.elementary school = primary school? 小学
30. in the after-school care center在课后管理中心
31.high school = middle school 中学
32.college = university? 大学
33. at the local elementary school??? 在当地小学
34. at the local supermarket????? 在当地超市
35. plan for 为…计划
36. make a plan 做一个计划
37.not only…but also… 不但,而且
?both … and…?? 两者都…
neither…nor…? 两者都不…
either…or …?? 要么…要么…,或者…或者…
38. run out of=use? up? 用完,用光
39.take after=look like=be similar to=be like与…相象
40.fix up=repair =mend 修理
41.work out? 产生结果; 算出;成功
42.make a pen pal website 建一个笔友网站.
43.hang out? 闲逛
44. make money=earn money 赚钱,挣钱
45. a bit quiet 有点安静
46. a professional singer? 一个专业的歌手
47. a professional? athlete 一个专业的运动员
48. join the school volunteer project 参加学校志愿计划
49. start a Chinese History Club 开设一个汉语历史俱乐部
50. not…any more = no more
not … any longer = no longer不再…….
51. from now on? 从现在起
52. from then on? 从那时起
53. from today on 从今天
54.kind donation  慷慨的捐赠
55.disabled people?? 残疾人
56.thank sb. for sth./doing sth.因…而谢谢某人
57.appreciate sth..感激某事
58.help sb. out 帮助某人摆脱困境
59.at once= right away? 马上
60.send sb.sth.= send sth. to sb. 寄(送)给某人某物
61.fill…with… 用…把…装满
? be filled with=be full of? …被装满…
fill in…? 填…
62.homeless people 无家可归的人们
63. face these challenges? 面对这些挑战
64.a call-in center 热线直播中心
65.Animal Helpers 动物助手
66.the way to do sth. 干……的方法
67. need to do sth. 某人需要做某事
68.sth.needs doing谋事/物需要被……
69.a home to sb. 某人的一个家
70.test papers试卷
71.on weekends 在周末
72.shut doors 关门
73.a specially trained dog 一只经过专门训练的狗
74.bring sth. to sb. 给某人带来……
75.offer to do sth.?? 主动做……
1.be invented by sb.被某人发明
2.be used for doing sth. =be used to do sth.被用于做某事
3. be used as / in 被当作……用 / 被在……范围内使用
4.be made of / from 由……制成
5.be made by 由某人制造
6.be made in sp. 被在某地制造
7.be made into 被制成……
8.be made up of由……组成
9..Shoes with adjustable heels可调脚后跟的鞋
6.battery-operated slippers电池供电的拖鞋
7.heated ice cream scoop? 可加热的冰淇淋勺子
8.scoop really cold ice cream用勺子舀确实很冷的冰淇淋
9.seeing in the dark在黑暗中看
10.changing the style of the shoes改变鞋的样式
11.electric slippers电子拖鞋
12.alarm clock闹钟
13.light bulb电灯泡
14.microwave oven微波炉
15.by accident =by chance偶然地,意外地
16.by mistake错误地
17.sprinkle …on…把…撒在…上面
18.in the end = at last最后,终于
19.in this way这样,用这种方式
20.flying disk飞碟,飞盘
21.according to根据,按照;据…所说;视…而定
22.decide to do sth.决定做某事
23.fall into落入,陷入
24.fall down 跌倒
25.hard wooden floor硬木地板
26.the most helpful invention 最有用的发明
27.in the westen world 在西方世界
28. in the sixth century 在六世纪
29.1950s 在二十世纪五十年代
30.around the world / across the world /? in the the world /
throughout the world / all over the world 全世界
31.over a hundred years old 超过100岁
32.a Canadian doctor 一个加拿大医生
33.be born in / on 出生在……
34.divide…into… 分成……
35.teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事
36. It is believed that….? 相信……
It is said that….
They say that…. 据说
37.the aim of?? .….的目的
38.in history 在历史上
39.an Olympic event 一项奥运会比赛项目
40.abroad and home 国内外
41.the number of? ……的数字
42.a number of 许多
43.dream of doing sth. 梦想做某事
1. on time准时,按时
2. by the time到…时候,到…之前
3. take a shower / bath 洗澡
4. get in the shower在冲澡
5. leave sth somewhere把某物忘在了某地
6. forget to do sth.忘记要做的某事
7. forget doing sth.忘记曾经做过的某事
8. go outside 出去
9. show up = appear 出现,露面
10. a costume party 一个化装舞会
11. sth. happens to sb. 某事发生在某人身上
12. land on 在……上登陆 ,落在……上
13. break down = do not work 停止运转,出故障
14. go off 闹响
15. get married to sb. 和某人结婚
16. marry sb. 和某人结婚
17. be / get married 结婚
18. run off / run away跑掉,迅速离开
19. give sb. a ride 给某人搭便车
20. come / pass by 从旁经过
21. come out出来,出版,(花儿)开放
22. make it 做到,做好,使成功
23. break down on the way 在路上抛锚/坏了
24. on April Fool's Day 在愚人节
25. set off? 激起,引起
28. get into 进入
29. wake up 醒来
30. get dressed 穿好衣服
31. wait for 等待
32. stay up 熬夜
33. stop / keep / prevent sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事
34. invite sb to… 邀请某人去…
35. describe sb./sth. to/for sb 为某人描写某人或某物
36. describe sb./sth. (as sth.)把某人或某物描写成….样
37. as … as sb. can /possible? 尽可能…
38. an hour later一小时后
39. fool sb. 愚弄某人
40. set one's alarm an hour early把某人的闹钟调快了一个小时
43. rush to…冲向…….
44. get exhausted = get very tired变得精疲力竭,变得极其累
45. get embarrassed变得尴尬,变得为难
46. play a joke on sb. 跟某人开玩笑
47. get to = arrive in / at = reach 到达
48. can't wait to do sth. 迫不急待做某事
49.start doing = start doing 开始做
50. flee from 逃离
51. sell out 卖完, 买光
52. most embarrassing joke 最尴尬的笑话?

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